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The first-ever task app
designed just for groups.  

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With clarity about the tasks at hand, your group can rally together and get more done!

Rallyflow works for you

A flexible solution for any group, family, or community. 

When Life Is Hard to Track

Families use Rallyflow to manage all of the household tasks, appointments, and errands needed to keep the family healthy and strong.

When Teamwork Matters

Groups like sports teams, PTA, or other community organizations use Rallyflow to organize and assign tasks to their team members. 

When Help is Needed

Sometimes you just need people to rally around you, your family, or your community. Rallyflow helps bring aid to those who need help.

Easy peasy

How Rallyflow works.

Step 1

Create a Group

Creating a group is easy! Simply choose a group name, invite members via email or social to start building your group.

Get Started

Step 2

Organize and Assign Tasks

Rallyflow makes it easy to add, organize, assign, and claim tasks among the group. Built in notifications and reminders lets everyone know what they are responsible for.

Create a Group

Step 3

Rally Together

By using this shared-task app you and your group are empowered to rally together, stay on track, and get more done.

It Started with a Spreadsheet

About Rallyflow

When COVID-19 started to shake the foundation of our daily lives in the spring of 2020, Rallyflow’s team began looking for a way to help their communities. A few social posts, conversations, and spreadsheets later they started to develop a way to match the needs of their communities with people looking to help.

It was in that chaotic time that they quickly recognized the need for a group-based task app for all different situations in life.

Today families are using Rallyflow to manage the tasks of caring for aging parents, community groups are using it to coordinate tasks and manage requests, and so much more.

To start using Rallyflow today, become a group leader here.

“Finally, a task app designed just for groups! Rallyflow is making it so much easier for my siblings and I to take care care of our aging parents. Thank you Rallyflow!”

Joshua Home

New York

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